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Last updated: 4 January 2013.

Welcome to JavaPerspective.com.

This website lists step-by-step Java tutorials that cover the Java SE technology. You can find a short description of the technologies provided by the Java platform in The Technologies page.

Learning Java should not be a chore. The purpose of this website is to provide logically sequenced tutorials, allowing you to learn the Java language easily. The only prerequisite is that you have a basic knowledge of computer programming. If you're looking for a website to learn the fundamentals of Java SE in a relatively short amount of time, you've come to the right place.

The tutorials are organized into 3 sections: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Here is an overview of each section's content:

  • Beginner: Java language syntax and general concepts, code exercises with solutions in the last chapter.

  • Intermediate: The Eclipse IDE, concurrency, collections, networking, graphical user interface development with Swing.

  • Advanced: Advanced Swing features, database access with JDBC, XML processing, miscellaneous Java features, best practice tips.

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